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In 2011 Akademie Schloss Solitude built and dedicated its new library after Herman Wallace. After a long correspondence with Herman, the Akademie’s Director Jean Baptiste Joly began to collect the books that Herman dreamed of for his house. Once the House is built the books will be shipped and placed on the shelves inside.

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On the Ground NOLA

Herman’s House is based in New Orleans, we always have things to do, needs to be met, and ideas flowing. If you have skills, thoughts, time, or items you want to contribute, send us an email. We would love to hear from you!

Send us an Email if you are interested in volunteering, donating supplies, or other!

Let’s build this dream together. 

Let Others Know

We encourage you to write local officials, arts organizations, and benefactors letting them know you support this project and the legacy of Herman Wallace. Herman’s House is located in New Orleans Louisiana. We have a tax  State ID number but if you have the time to sing our praises, sing them loud and far! We also encourage you to like us on Facebook, Twitter where we will keep you up to date with news regarding the project and the struggle to end solitary confinement.

Let’s build this house together. 

Stop Solitary Confinement

There are many ways to protest the use of solitary confinement in the United States. Herman’s House, in conjunction with other advocacy groups is working to end the use of prolonged indefinite solitary confinement. Consider contributing to or getting involved with the following: NRCAT, Amnesty InternationalNational Coalition to Free the Angola 3, Solitary Watch, California Hunger Strikers.,

We also encourage you to be BRAVE with your position. Make solitary part of every day conversation, inform yourself– talk about Herman, Albert and the thousands of others forced to endure the inhuman conditions of solitary confinement. Teaming up with the A3Action Network, here are some tips for VISUAL advocacy.

Let’s end solitary together. 

Herman's Legacy

When designing his home, the first thing Herman asked for- was flowers. In the wake of Herman’s passing jackie began an offshoot project called The Solitary Gardens. The Solitary Gardens is at the intersection of art, permaculture and prison abolition. It uses garden beds to illustrate not only what is wrong with criminal justice but what is possible. Solitary Gardens are co-created by folks serving long-term sentences in isolation and volunteers on the outside. For more information check out the project here.

Row forward, looking back!