Now into its 11th year, Herman’s House has transformed from an exchange between a prisoner and an artist, into an international art exhibition, a book, a documentary film and now it is in the fundraising stages to build. We are building a legacy, a monument, a community center, but perhaps most importantly:  we are building a movement. We are, you-us-and-them- all together, beyond walls, beyond perceived boundaries and beyond imagined limits. One of the most beautiful off-shoots of this project is the growing community of human-doings who have come together to end torture & celebrate the power of the imagination. Very simply put- we could never do this with out you & we are SO grateful.

Scroll down & explore our gratitude by clicking on the filters and rolling over the images. Many of those listed have links so you can see just how awesome they are. Celebrated on this page are our: Community Partners:  Non-profits & institutions who share the vision of Herman’s House and strive to end injustice, torture, and the use of long term solitary confinement in the US.  Givers: Those generous individuals and institutions who believe in sharing their good fortune and have extended financial helping hands to Herman’s House.  Contributors: Those people, non profits & institutions who give what they can through resources, time, and skills.  Takers: People and Institutions who have knowingly, or unknowingly, have taken from the momentum of this project  but in doing so, have strengthened our resolve!  Elders: Those whose moral strength and wisdom has guided the project, inspired our actions and moved our spirits.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.  (Jackie & Herman)

Joey & Jena Frederick

New Orleans' best looking couple is beautiful inside and out. If you want to learn how to contribute to a better world, spend some time with these guys- Thank you SO much- your generosity inspires an entire community.

7th Ward House Savers 2012

The lovely and generous philanthropic couple from Atlanta, who operate from a place of love and loyalty.