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Dear Lovers of Justice,

As many of you know, Thursday April 17th marks the 42nd year of solitary confinement for the only  member of the Angola 3 remaining behind bars, Albert Woodfox. Although Albert’s conviction has been overturned 3-times by the courts — he remains in CCR (Louisiana’s version of Solitary Confinement).

As a campaign strategy we are asking supporters to tweet at least 10-times through out the day on Thursday April 17 using the #STOPsolitary — the idea is to get it “trending”.  When an item trends on twitter, it tends to get picked up by other news sources, and if you (collective you) can “Trend It” you reach a larger and more varied audience.

Twitter Activism:
If you are new to twitter or intimidated by it, —don’t be— its a really effective tool for drawing attention to issues, & a very effective news source (you can easily filter out the junk by only sourcing hastags you are interested in. Maybe you’ve already heard terms like, Twitter Revolution, Twitter Activist, or Twitter Clap? Those are just references to individuals and movements that use the contemporary tools of social media to organize. (No one is being paid to say this here) Twitter is great— you can use Twitter to get things trending with a relatively small group of people, source your news, or of course— to ignite a revolution.

Some strategies for the 17th:
1. All Tweets must be less than 140 characters, be clever and concise— this is a 140 character generation
2. Use the exact same # to insure more trending robots pick it up (#STOPsolitary)
3. If there is character space at the end of your tweet write “RT” its twitter language that means Retweet, or share—
4. Use the @ symbol to directly contact folks who have a lot of followers and might retweet (make a bigger clap) for instance:

@MicheleObama: endless confinement must end #STOPsolitary RT!

Be creative & concise, but if nothing comes to mind: here are some additional examples for the 17th:
>AdSeg Hole Solitary CCR Segregation Lockdown Control Unit Pound Box SHU Dungeon SMU Isolation: ALL=Torture #STOPsolitary RT
>The US has 80,000 people in cages right NOW #AlbertWoodfox is one of them #STOPsolitary RT
>#AlbertWoodfox 42 Years of torture: Justice Now! #STOPsolitary RT
>#AlbertWoodfox had his conviction overturned 3 times, today marks 42 years of innocence, 42 years of solitary #StopSolitary
>Inmates can be placed in complete isolation for months or years for nonviolent acts #STOPsolitary RT
>Demand justice for #AlbertWoofox Now, Solitary is TORTURE #STOPsolitary RT
@AngelaDavis: Solitary Confinement is Cruel and Unusual Punishment #STOPsolitary RT
@JonBonJovi: #Solitary Confinement is a violation of human animal and non-human animal dignity #STOPsolitary RT

You can Tweet quotes, just #TheAuthor:
>#Solitary Confinement makes our criminal justice system criminal #AnthonyGraves #StopSolitary RT
>#Solitary Confinement can alter the ontological make up of a stone, #HenryAbbott #STOPsolitary RT
>#Solitary Confinement turns people into instruments of their own undoing #LisaGuenther #STOPsolitary RT

Tweet your favorite article by truncating the URL— there are easy websites made especially for this:
http://bit.ly or http://URL.ie are the most popular
once the link is shortened you can embed it in the tweet, for example:

>An amazing woman transforms tragedy to justice #SaraShourd bit.ly/1gt3v7H #STOPsolitary RT
>Solitary 101, learn it/ end it.  bit.ly/1qWht76 #STOPsolitary RT
>Texas Guards advocate AGAINST solitary http://bit.ly/QovP4M #STOPsolitary RT
>Herman’s House is a great project, get involved http://url.ie/q2yv #STOPsolitary RT!

You can also follow me on Twitter through out the day and just RT @jackiesumell

Anyway, play around with it on the 17th, its really hard to screw it up (finally)! If you don’t want to tweet on the 17th, post a link to this post on your FB, Tumblr or Instagram page and get your friends involved… there is always a way to pitch in! Dont forget to sign the Amnesty petition if you (or your friends) have not already!
Herman’s House is genuinely looking forward to seeing as many folks as possible on Tweeting that #STOPsolitary on the 17th— & of course, to see y’all continue tweeting until the moment it is finally abolished.

With Love & Mischief,


All Power to the People

Who is Herman Wallace- Malik Woodfox

Supporters Gathered Outside the 5th Circuit Court

Supporters Gathered Outside the 5th Circuit Court

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