Herman Wallace Has Joined the Ancestors

Dear Friends, Family, & Supporters,

At about sunrise this morning Herman Wallace passed away a free man- unshackled, in a New Orleans home, surrounded by supporters who loved him dearly.

If we dissect any moment of our lives we will discover a balanced coexistence between epic beauty and overwhelming tragedy. At every given moment we can choose to focus on a point on the spectrum between the impossible and ultimate. This moment is no different. Herman Wallace joined the ancestors very much aware of the the fact that he was a Free Man. After 42 years of wrongful incarceration and confinement to a 6-foot-by-nine-foot-cell, Herman left the prison free and innocent. Before he passed, early this morning, his last audible words were “I love y’all”.
We will continue to love him.

I personally imagine that his soul will be welcomed by the greatest freedom fighters of history, Please imagine if you can, Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, Malcolm X, Huey P. Newton, Little Bobby Hutton, Fred Hampton, Geronimo Jigaga, Anita Roddick, John Brown, Denmark Vesey, Nat Turner, Che Guevara, Donatella Donnell– and I bet my mom is will be there too (in high heels)– with their fists raised, chanting “All Power to the People, Welcome Home Herman Wallace, Welcome Home!…”

Please do not let the imminent tears stunt the preservation of his legacy- a legacy of justice and freedom, of dignity and fairness, of Love and unwavering commitment. It has been a legacy that redefined the boundaries of friendship- of family and a legacy challenged the impossible with grace and final success.

May we stay connected to each other– inspired by Herman’s freedom– and outraged by what he was forced to unjustly endure. May we remember that Herman’s legacy – that of longterm solitary confinement, of unwavering struggle against injustice and wrongful conviction is far from over. May we stay connect to fight for the freedom of Albert Woodfox and the thousands of men and women who are wrongfully incarcerated. And, may we do everything in our power to insure that all beings- are guaranteed equality, justice and happiness.

If you would like to donate to his memorial service you can do so here, note “Herman’s Memorial”. Please stay connected for details on his funeral arrangements, and updates on his house. I am still fully committed to building it. There is light after dark, and the door will remain unlocked.

People’s Power,
Jackie Sumell



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