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get involved

One of the most beautiful manifestations of the project is the community of people it has attracted. From architects to designers,
lawyers, mothers, engineers, poets, activists, philanthropists and prisoners, this project has virtually become the center
in a network of meaningful change. Without all of the contributions The House That Herman Built would not be possible.

If you would like to get involved in any way please email

why it's important to build this house?

-Because it will contribute to the social and physical economy of New Orleans
-Because it breathes hope into a society that is wounded by its history and struggle
-Because it demonstrates the expansive power of the imagination
-Because it is a symbol of resistance against injustice, racism and torture
-Because EVERYONE should be encouraged to dream
-Because we are all alone together

what will the house be used for?

Immediately the house will serve to reinvigorate the economy of New Orleans where Herman Wallace spent many of his childhood years.
Until Herman is able to win his legal battle and walk out of Angola Prison a free man the house will be maintained by an existing network of volunteers.

Practically Herman has asked that the house be used as a community space that is committed to youth education and drug prevention.
The house is design to be a open space that encourages the exchange of ideas, art and activism- a space to live and dream, and for anyone to visit.

Ultimately (maintaining the integrity of its community focus), the House will be a place for Herman Wallace and Albert Woodfox to comfortably retire.


We are in the process of applying for our own non-profit status. Right now you can donate towards the building of the house through:

Community Futures Collective
221 Idora Avenue
Vallejo CA, 94591

USA Donations are tax deductable and 100% goes towards the project.
For donations over $20,000 please contact

purchase a book

You can purchase a second edition of the book The House That Herman Built, designed by Katya Bonnenfant and Maria Hinds
[150 4 colors pages, 13,5x22 cm / 5.3x8.6 inchs] by contacting Marina Drummer
Books are $25 dollar MINIMUM donation, (including US shipping).

limited edition ceramic spray cans

The Treatment Rooms, Chiswick London have generously donated a limited edition of their porcelin spray cans to help fund Herman's House.
Each labour intensive, hand-made ceramic features a Free the Angola 3 label. They are being sold for a minimum donation of $500. (6/10 left) contact us
Proceeds will be split between Hermans House and The Angola 3 London Committee.

others ways to get involved

Become part of our mailing list: Stay in touch with us, and receive updates as this project develops by sending us a mail here.

Hermans Reading List: Part of the project includes assembling Herman's Library, so it s ready to be installed once the house is built. Herman
complied a list from books he has read through out the years, and that he would like to share with all of us.
You can download the list of books here and email, if you would like to contribute books.

Write Herman and Albert in prison: One of the best ways to show support is let Herman and Albert know you are paying attention to their stories.
Let them know you are thinking about them directly, send a postcard or letter to:

Herman Wallace

#76759 CCR U/D Cell #14
Louisiana State Penitentiary
Angola LA 70712

Albert Woodfox
#72148 CCR L/B Cell #3
Louisiana State Penitentiary
Angola LA 70712

In-Kind Donations

We are currently fundraising to build the house.
Right now donations would go towards buying property in New Orleans.
We also need additional builders and contractors who are interested in participating in the construction of Herman's House,
especially those liscenced in Louisiana.

Wish List:

- volunteers
- plumbers
- electricians
- masons
- building materials
- tools
- hardware
- capital donations
- community contacts in NOLA
- film and video assistants in NOLA area

let’s build this house together...