Press: Melissa Harris-Perry on Herman Wallace’s health

Melissa Harris-Perry discusses Herman's Health on MSNBC

Melissa Harris-Perry discusses Herman’s Health on MSNBC

“41 years and counting, that’s how long Herman Wallace one of the 2 remaining imprisoned members of the Angola 3, has spent in solitary confinement… At 71 Wallace has been diagnosed with liver cancer and is gravely ill, yet he is still on lockdown.”

Melissa Harris-Perry, Nation contributor, Tulane professor and host of of the Melissa-Harris Perry Show on MSNBC addressed Herman Wallace’s recent liver cancer diagnosis on her show that aired live from Essence Fest in New Orleans on Saturday. Melissa discussed Herman’s condition with his lawyer Nick Trenticosta. She and Nick recapped the history of the Angola 3 and considered the likelihood of Herman’s compassionate release from solitary confinement. Melissa and the rest of the folks at #nerdland are keeping Herman in their thoughts and prayers.

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